Thursday, November 2, 2017

Jane Walsh

***My 4 x great grandmother Jane Walsh immigrated on the Edward Coulson on this particular voyage. There is not a lot known about her except that she came from Cork, married Paul Milkins ("Australian Royalty") and had 4 children, Elizabeth, Nicholas and William all born in Tasmania and James born in Victoria. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Female assignment list

Advertisement in the Cork Constitution 1833

Cork to Australia

The following advertisement was in in the Cork Constitution April 1883.
Unmarried females between the ages of 18 and 30 may obtain £12 as a gift from the Government, thus requiring only £6 for passage and provisions. Females unable to pay this sum will be taken on payment of £3 and signing a bond for £5 payable out of their earnings. Early application is necessary.

Apply (if by letter, post paid)) to A. Murray, Mail Coach Office, Cork; or E. Walkinshaw, Rumford Buildings, Liverpool.

Departure: Liverpool   - 15 June, 1833

The Edward Coulston 340 tons, Capt. Joseph Hammond with general cargo & Mr. and Mrs. J. Broch and 2 children, Mr. and Mrs. McPherson, with 52 in the steerage, and 20 children — also, for Sydney, Mr. and Mrs. Pearson and 7 children, Mr. Fitzsimmons and brother, with 41 in the steerage and 22 children, in all 157 passengers.

Arrival:   Hobart Town – 10 October, 1833;

List of female passengers aged 18 to 30 who came over on this government scheme:

Kemp Sarah
Kemp Lydia
Forbes Jane
Plunkett Eliza
Plunkett Mary
Roach Mary Ann
Roach Eliza
Roach Cathrine (sp)
Ward Sarah
McGrath Elizabeth
Hartord Mary Ann
Hartord Rosa
Egan Eliza
Neal Bridget
Ruthlidge Esther
O'Bryan Ellen
Mason Margaret
Farrell Mary
Brannan Mary Ann
Coffee Bridget
Smith Mary Ann
Scott Ann
Doyle Ann
Harrington Jane
Madden Mary Ann
Bronghall Mary
McGinnes  Mary Ann
Gilchrist Jane
Aust Sarah
Aust Charlotte
Barry Margaret
Rice Eliza

The last four names are not on the employers list but were in the newspaper. They could possibly be wives of other passengers. 
The paper states there were 30 free females but lists 34 (Aust was later changed to Austin. There were possibly more passengers.

List of passengers that left Hobart 6 November 1833 on to Sydney arriving 18 November 1833.

Surname - names - occupations
Pearson John, Mr upholsterer
Pearson Sarah, Mrs
Pearson Harriet
Pearson Eliza
Pearson Ann
Pearson Robert
Pearson Edward
Pearson Stephen
Pearson Mary Emma
Fitzsimmons Charles labourer
Fitzsimmons Mathew
Waddle Isabella, Miss
McPherson Joseph clerk
McPherson Catharine
Hughes James butcher
Hughes Margaret
Hughes Ellen
Strong Joseph cabinet-maker
Strong George tailor
Strong Catharine
Strong George
Strong Henry
Strong Mary Ann
Tucker James painter
Tucker Mary Ann
Tucker William Henry
Gray John labourer
Gray Martha
Gray Henry
Gray Samuel
Thorn John shoe-maker
McGennet Richard painter
McGennet Margaret
McGennet Thomas
Bryant John tailor
Bryant Catharine
Griffiths John stonemason
Griffiths Catharine
Griffiths Elizabeth
Griffiths Martha
Griffiths John
Griffiths Patrick
Griffiths Oliver
Griffiths Sarah
Griffiths Mary
Snowden Richard painter
Brown Joseph baker
Brown Eliza
Brown Ann
Brown Maria
Brown William
Murphy Michael tanner
Murphy Mary
Murphy Ellen
Sharp John whitesmith
Sharp Susan
Sharp John
Sharp Martha
Ellis William cabinet-maker
Fitzgerald Eliza
Coldstring Arthur cabinet-maker
Crouch Thomas labourer
Crouch William
Crouch Thomas
Crouch Elizabeth
Duff Robert hat-manufacturer
Duff Mary Ann
Duff Jane
Duff George clerk
Maddon William painter
Maddon Charlotte
Ryan Francis pastry-cook
Berry Johanna Hughes
Berry Richard
Brown Jane